Jaia Robotics Partners with Marine Acoustics for Acoustic Monitoring Capability

Jaia Robotics, Inc., a leader in low- cost, micro-sized autonomous marine vehicles, is delighted to announce that they have partnered with Marine Acoustics, Inc. (MAI) to add a passive acoustic capability onto their JaiaBotTM hybrid autonomous surface / underwater vehicles called movie review JaiaBotsTM.

MAI’s extensive expertise in the collection, analysis, and modeling of underwater acoustics data has earned them an excellent reputation in the Environmental Services, Energy, and Defense sectors. Their experienced and highly qualified engineering team will lead the selection and development of the passive acoustic system, the sales and marketing of the JaiaBot-ECHOTM, and develop new deployment opportunities.

Jaia Robotics continues their product development at pace and will co-lead the integration of the MAI developed acoustic system into their JaiaBot-HYDROTM vehicle. JaiaBots can be operated individually or in multi-vehicle fleets at depths from 1m to 100m and in a wide variety of aquatic environments including open ocean, surf zones, estuaries, rivers, and lakes.

JaiaBots represent a significant advancement in affordable aquatic drones supporting the environmental data collection needs of academia, industry, and government agencies, including the US Department of Defense.

“The addition of an acoustic sensing capability opens a wide variety of new markets including the offshore renewable energy sector, defense, and the fast-growing aquaculture and fisheries industries” says Ian Estaphan Owen, CEO and Co-Founder of Jaia Robotics.

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